I'm Gertjan, built in 1984 and live in Oss with my wife and daughter. I'm a Software Engineer who likes to consider the bigger picture. In my career in the IT industry I've seen lots of application-domains and covered almost every activity involved in inventing, designing, creating and supporting software.

I love being a mentor for other developers and stakeholders in software projects. I like to assist colleagues with technical questions but am also not afraid to work with clients and end-users to be able to work towards the best possible solution. Combined with periodic reviews on code and process I try to get everybody to the next level.

Coding often requires some magic!


I work as Manager Team Development (Development Manager) within Eurocom Group where I manage, coach and support a team of highly skilled professionals in their quest to build the best (Elderly) Care solutions.

My personal coding work (warning; very hobby grade 🏚) can be seen on GitHub


Some of my other &qout;sites&qout;. Some are just filling for novelty domains, use for fun or just &qout;because it can&qout;.